My public projects, mostly related to security.

  • GWFRecon
    Perform reconnaissance on web applications by taking advantages of github CI/CD workflow
  • AutoBot
    Check for vulnerabilities on Passivelly collected URLs from tools gau and waybackurls
  • JSRecon
    Perform Javascript files reconnaissance and perform some basic static code analysis
  • MLEnum
    Multi-level sub-domain bruteforce/enumeration
  • SubDRecon
    Automated SubDomain Reconnaissance script
  • PasteBin
    A PasteBin app to share your codes/notes with other people
  • telegramSend
    A simple python script to send files into your telegram Bot form your PC, Server etc
  • timeLapsCapture
    Simple time lapse video capture script
  • DockerAutomation
    Docker container automation Shell scripts
  • SPFChecker
    Checks weather the SPF record of a domain exists or not. It basicaly uses SPF Query Tool
  • image2b64
    Convert all images into base64 encoded string on markdown '.md' files
  • bhparse
    Parse BurpSuite-Proxy Generated XML (intercept history) files into html
  • CheckWildCard
    Check the dns has wildcard enable or not for a domain
  • BannerGrab
    Grap Banner of given domain name server
  • VimTmuxInstaller
    Install vim and tmux along with configuration
  • jqgrep
    jq wrapper script for parsing json files generated by various tools
    Convert string into HTML encoded value (with numeric values of ascii)
  • rshell
    Generate php code for reverse shell backdoor
  • CORSMisconfig
    Shell script to check for CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) misconfigurations on web applications
  • CheckDNS
    Check DNS records of a Domain/Subdomain